Thursday, November 8, 2007

Seals and Bicycles

I choose to believe this signs says "seals riding bicycles are prohibited". Today I signed up for Vietnamese and dan bau lessons which both start next week. I hope learning Vietnamese will not dissuade me from this belief. Because that would be sad if not downright cruel.


Reuben said...

All it says is "6am to 8am - 4pm to 7pm". The picture is clearly of a seal riding a bicycle.

cathy said...

no cyclos, silly!

m a t t said...

ok i am going to start a pupusa blog. it will be entirely contained within the comments of slavodelic's food blog.

Entry #1

Holy fucking shit! A new pupusa place opened up in the U district on brooklyn and like 40th or 41st just minutes from my work. When I heard the news I was stoked. Did it mean no more wandering the ave for 30 minutes wondering if i'm one of "them" because none of the places look good any more because i eat at all of them too much? (That was a fine example of sentence structure for your students)

Trip #1. Not bad. Beans were a little different. They served the fried yuca without chicharron! Blasphemy perhaps but the mostly-veggie me was down with it.

Trip #2. Crap. Yuca came with meat this time (not listed on menu). Sauce was super watered down. My opinion of the beans went from "different" to "shitty".

I went back to work and took the rest of the day off to cry. Am I going to have to open my own pupusa place? It will be called whitey's pupusa paradise by the way. I don't have time for this bullshit.

Michael Boleslaw Klaport said...

fuck the u district, we need to open a pupusaria in HCMC! or at least a pupusa cart. although finding masa might be a problem. we might have to import some. i'll let you work out the details.