Saturday, October 13, 2007

A reflection on Seattle Suburban Eating.

Back in Seattle, a group of us which included: Angela Garbes, Matt Hodge, Christina Choi, and Angela's friend Dawn, would venture out to eat in suburban Seattle trying to discover the hidden ethnic culinary delights of the region. Before hand, I would do some research using Chowhound as a guide, then we would all hop either matt's crazy van or cram into cars to explore. I loved finding hidden food delights such as Salva/Mex in Burien and the Armenian Bakery at Crossroads Mall, but my favorite part of the whole experience was Shopping in all Indian/Russian/Mexican/Asian markets, finding interesting ingredients, then getting back together on Wednesdays to cook up a meal under the guidance of our master chef Christina Choi and watch Lost. I think this club could do some serious damage here in HCMC. Come on guys lets make it happen. Although I need to find a place to live soon, because I seriously miss having a kitchen. Its killing me.

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